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Catering Trailer Graphics

Want your catering trailer to stand out amongst the competition? AVWUK can make that happen, with a custom design created around your brand and your budget. How your trailer looks plays a huge part in a potential customer approaching you, the best way increase your chance of sales is to give your trailer a stylish and welcoming look, making it stand out amongst the competitors. Choose from a full printed wrap, a full wrap with vinyl graphics or vinyl graphics/lettering applied to your catering trailer. 

Catering Trailer Printed Wrap

If you have a catering trailer that doesn't stand out or match your branding then a full wrap or printed catering trailer wrap is what you need. This will completely transform the look of the trailer and give you an eye catching trailer that attracts customers. 

Norfolk Thai Catering Trailer.webp

Catering Trailer Graphics

Whether you have a blank canvas with a plain trailer, or have a trailer with existing branding that needs removing and refreshing. AVWUK can update your catering trailer using the best quality vinyl at a budget that suits you. 

Catering Trailer Interior Signage

Once the outside of your catering trailer is looking refreshed and attracting customers, you need to make sure that they can see what is on your menu. We can provide signage for the interior of your catering trailer, ensuring your menu is up to date and clear. 

catering trailer interior.JPG
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