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Van Wraps & Signage

AVWUK is the premier choice for all your vehicle wrapping and signage needs. We specialise in van wrapping, van graphics, and vehicle branding to ensure your car, truck, or van really stands out and advertises your business wherever your work takes you. Contact us today to start the design process. 


Our Services

Don't Waste Your Best Advertising Opportunity

Advantages and Benefits of Vehicle Branding

  • An investment which will give you unlimited advertising potential. Whenever your fleet is travelling around, thousands of other people on the road will see your brand

  • Add easy-to-read contact information onto the wraps. People can just pull out their smartphones and call your phone number or visit your website

  • The designs can be customised into anything that you want. Each design is unique to the brand so let us know your vision and we will bring it to life

  • The printed fleet wraps are colourful and vibrant. They are guaranteed to get people’s attention when they see them passing by on the road

  • The cost savings of fleet wrapping far exceed the cost of painting individual vehicles to get a matching fleet

  • Fleet wraps are easily removable if you ever decide to change the design or remove them from your vehicles. There won’t be any marks or scuffs left on the paint of your vehicles

  • Fleet wraps protect the exterior of your vehicle from fading and other debris that is in the air. This is a great way to preserve the resale value of your vehicle when it comes time to sell it

Call us to find out more, we are happy to answer any further questions you might have about van wraps or fleet branding. 

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