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GYEON Certified Detailer

We are proud to announce we are now GYEON Certified Detailers and GYEON Detailing Studio.

This means we can Apply the GYEON infinite Coatings,


Q² Infinite Base Type 1 is a sophisticated, one layer, stand alone solution coming with the GYEON Infinite Warranty scheme.  The ceramic coating features unique technology in its formulation, being based on fluoro-modified polisylazanes. How does complicated naming translate into real life performance?  The technology has been introduced to the car care industry for the first time by GYEON in 2022. Based on years of intense research, we managed to compile multiple benefits of our previous developments into a one layer coating.  Extreme chemical resistance against both caustic and acid chemicals, slickness helping prevent contamination from adhering to the paintwork or next-level UV protection are some of the crucial benefits from a vehicle owner perspective. 


Q² Infinite Base Type 2 ceramic coating is thick, extremely glossy and hydrophobic. It features lower slickness compared with Type 1, but compensates with a highly visually enhancing result, boosting every colour to a new level. It works extremely well in very humid and hot climates, providing extended wipe off time to the installer and extreme water mark resistance to the vehicle owner. Q² Infinite Base Type 2 work amazingly well with the Q² Infinite TopCoat Type 1.

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